SR&ED Tax Credit Refund Service

"Through SR&ED, companies can obtain refunds of up to 68% on eligible R&D expenditures. "

FRED assists companies in obtaining funding from more than 150 business support and tax credit programs across the country. The most prominent of these is the federal government's SR&ED tax credit program.

Why Choose FRED to handle your SR&ED claim?

Our track record and reputation
Fred Hausmann, the founder of FRED, is an industry leader in helping companies navigate the maze of government funding options, including the SR&ED program. Fred and his team have an excellent reputation with Canada Revenue Agency auditors for accuracy and integrity.

Our X-ray analysis of your technical and financial operations
FRED's consultants are highly qualified and have worked with clients across a broad range of business categories. Through their comprehensive, x-ray analysis of your company's technical and financial operations, they have the ability to identify claim opportunities that are non-intuitive and less than straightforward. These R&D activities are frequently missed or under-claimed by less skilled, less experienced consultants. Bottom line, FRED can significantly increase the amount of money you will receive in the form of refunds and tax credits.

Our excellent customer service
FRED is a true partner. We don't believe in the "trick or treat model" of simply showing up once a year to process your SR&ED claim. Rather, we will meet with your company representatives three to four times a year to keep up to date on all relevant developments and changes.

We're committed to ensuring you obtain your maximum tax credits each and every year. And by constantly enhancing our knowledge and understanding of your company, we're better able to provide counsel and assistance that will help drive your company's growth year after year.

Our professionalism and specialized SR&ED service
As a specialist in the field of R&D funding and tax credits, FRED constantly monitors government legislation in all jurisdictions to ensure our clients are receiving maximum credit for their R&D activities. It might seem like a good idea to assign your claim work to an employee or to ask your accounting firm to do the job.

The reality is, however, you will probably end up missing opportunities, under-claiming for the work you have done or over claiming and risking an audit. The landscape of available government tax deduction and tax credit programs is constantly shifting. There simply is no substitute for the expert services of a focused, full-time R&D funding consultancy.

Learn more about what FRED can do for you.

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