In-Business with David Wojcik
“How to Extract Money from the Government”

Fred Hausmann, managing director of The FRED Group, was interviewer David Wojcik’s guest on the television show In-Business in March 2010. The segment was titled “How to Extract Money from the Government,” and the focus was the Canadian government’s SR&ED and IRAP programs. David invited Fred to appear on the show to provide his viewers with informed and straightforward introductions to the programs, their benefits and the differences between them.

Segment 1:

David opened the interview by welcoming Fred and asking questions about The FRED Group’s unique business model wherein it invests part of its fees back into its clients to help drive sales and growth. The discussion then moved on to the broader issue of fee structures and how the different SR&ED and IRAP providers bill for their services.

Segment 2:

In this segment, David zeroes in on SR&ED, asking a range of questions to gain a fuller understanding of the often misunderstood tax-credit program. Fred explains the government’s goal of using SR&ED to encourage innovation in business. He also talks about the benefits for companies, including the ability of qualifying firms to get back as much as 68% of every dollar spent on experimental research and development.

Segment 3:

The final segment begins with a focus on IRAP. Fred discusses the benefits of IRAP, including the fact that firms can apply for IRAP grants before actually undertaking the work. In the case of SR&ED, the work must be completed before the funds become available. The interview concludes with FRED offering a number of valuable tips on how to businesses can increase their chances of filing a successful application for SR&ED or IRAP funding.